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07, Jul, 2009

Tuesday 7th July 2009


Considering what Rory has been through it is amazing how 'normal' he still is.  He isn't on any medication and still takes part in the activities we have always done while we are 'home' in the Naki.  Granted he can't go as far or as fast, but he's still there giving it what he can.  We had a morning of tiki touring around.  I called into my favourite shop, the Kina shop  They have an amazing collection of jewellery and art work by New Zealand artists.  The kids even enjoy looking at all the bits and pieces in the store.  Nana picked up some polypro and possum-down fingerless gloves for Rory to keep his hands warm.  We have noticed the circulation in his hands and feet is poor.  This is likely linked to his bald head which he steadfastly refuses to put a hat on in all but the coldest weather.  This afternoon we headed out onto the coastal walkway and Rory covered 3km on his bike, even though he walked 2km this morning.  We made it inside just before the heavy showers and enjoyed Ice Age 3: Age of the Dinosaur at the movies.  Cousins Sacha and Corbyn were at Nana and Poppas when we arrived home tonight so the kids all had a play together.