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11, Jul, 2009

Saturday 11th July 2009


We made it home to the winterless north, only nine hours in the car!  Thanks goodness for the Nintendo Gameboys.  The boys intersperse playing them with drawing, reading, and the odd game of 'I spy' out the car windows.  A democratic decision was made to detour via Whangarei to pick up Sparky the kitten, this added one hour and some drama to our journey.  We were almost in Dargaville when Sparky was sick, and did a number two, in the cat box (which was on my lap).  A pitstop was made to clean it up and air out the car.  The member who voted against the detour was complaining bitterly. 

We have arrived home to find the weather as we left it, wet and with strong winds.  It looks like at least a day inside this weekend.  It is likely we will brave the weather and head up to the Lakes tomorrow for some fresh air, exercise, and spiritual grounding.  The boys and I did all the town jobs yesterday and Rory conned me into a new Star Wars Figure for his collection, Plo Koon, he is a Jedi who has four blue light-sabers.  Life almost seems back to normal, aside from the fact Rory has no hair and looks and moves a little differently.  Sean and I sat down this morning to figure out how much time we have left, only two and a half weeks before everything is turned upside down.  Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.