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12, Jul, 2009

Sunday 12th July 2009


I think we must have brought some of the Taranaki cold home with us, the thermometer hasn't risen above 8 degrees today which is cold for Northland.  When we arrived home this afternoon our big old kauri homestead was like an ice box.  Thankfully the fire is roaring now and we are all warming up.  It has been a weekend of wild weather but we haven't let that deter us from getting out and about.  Yesterday we headed up to the Lakes for a circuit of Lake Taharoa.  Around some sections of the lake it was sheltered, still and dry, and in others it was exposed, wet and howling.  Rory walked about 3kms along the track and rode the rest of the way in the buggy.  You could hardly see him hidden under his rain poncho.  Sam rode his bike, and Sean and I walked.  I think we were all glad to reach the car in the campground at 4.30pm. 

Today we went for a drive and caught up with Great Uncle Harry, Poppa's big brother, in Paihia.  Great Uncle Harry was a Brigadier General in the NZ Army and the boys are pretty impressed by his accomplishments.  Rory thinks he has the best biscuits, Griffins super wines.  We caught up with Great Grannie, and Great Uncle Vaughan, Auntie Sue, Troy, Blake and Jana for lunch at their farm at Pakaraka.  Great Grannie is Sean's Grandmother and Vaughan is his Uncle.  It must be 18 months since we last saw them and the kids have all grown.  It took a little while for the boys to relax but Sam was soon off outside with Troy and Blake, not caring about the rain.  Rory preferred to sit inside with the adults, a little overwhelmed by the strange surroundings and activity. 

It is going to be hard for Sean and I to take Rory back to Starship.  A large part inside each of us doesn't want to.  We want to continue down the path we are on, trying to return Rory's life to normal with the pain and procedures behind us.  But this isn't an option, we would be gambling with his life.  All the doctors have told us his best chance is surgery, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  Neither Sean or I like the idea of more operations, Rory being pumped full of strong drugs with horrible side effects, and seeing him suffer.  I think we both are trying to shore ourselves up for what is ahead so we can lift as much of the load from him as we can.  So we can give it our best shot.