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14, Jul, 2009

Tuesday 14th July 2009

Rory and Sam have headed off, out of my sight, for a night with Grannie and Grandad Gardiner at Whakapara.  They were excited, and told Sean and I, in no uncertain terms, we weren't invited.  I must confess to feeling a fair amount of anxiety as it is Rory's first night away since his diagnosis four months ago.  I know Grannie looks after the boys very well and it is good for Rory to gain some independence, particularly from me.  I often feel like it is Rory and I alone in a row boat on a rough sea as I hold his hand when he falls asleep each night.  Ever since he was diagnosed he cannot fall asleep alone.  He either needs someone in the room, or one of us holding his hand.

I am spending the next couple of days making some progress on the report I am working on for Whangarei District Council.  My Managers, and the Council, have been fantastic since Rory was diagnosed.  They have been flexible about my job, and supportive of my family.  I am very grateful for this.  It is lovely to be back with the Futures Team too; Dr Love (although he is absent today), Dianne, David and Annejo.  They are a bright, hard working, warm, positive group of people, and it makes the work environment so much more enjoyable.

We had a house full of boys last night.  Trudi and Kody came over for afternoon tea.  Trudi brought a beautiful carrot cake, which I'm embarrassed to say Sean shamelessly arm wrestled off her when he got home and it was time for her to leave.  It was lovely to catch up with Trudi, and Kody merged with the other boyness in our home.  It was a bummer Katherine and Korie couldn't make it as Korie has been unwell.  When it was time for Trudi to leave I asked her if it was ok if Kody stayed.  He was keen so Trudi went home with one less.  It was great to see Rory having fun with his best mate as if nothing was amiss.  I'm glad the boys and I had gone for our usual walk that morning, and Rory had covered his 2.5kms, as they went to sleep with little trouble some time after 8ish, when they have been known to stay awake for hours.  Mind you it was an early start this morning, at 5.30am we heard bumps, the thumping of small feet, the bright light of torches, and whispered voices.