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16, Jul, 2009

Thursday 16th June 2009


People often ask me how do we pack so much into our lives, when do we sleep, how do we find the energy to keep going, and why don't we let obstacles such as bad weather deter us from adventure.  My mother (Nana Honnor) thinks we are nuts, and I think there is a fair amount of truth in this.  However, I also think we love life and are determined to wring as much out of it in the time we have.  I also think energy breeds energy, the more active and positive you are the more you become.  Rory's illness has made us more aware of how precious time is, and we don't want to waste any of it.  Granted we occasionally crash but it is always worth it.  At the moment our house is vibrating to a CD of Michael Jacksons best hits and the kids are singing, dancing, and building with the lego all at once, Sparky the cat is ripping around the house, and was caught raiding the mince for tea from the groceries a few minutes ago!  I am, as usual, doing 50 things at once.  Sometimes I feel life is all a bit crazy. 

The boys loved staying at Grannie and Grandad Gardiners, and for me it was like an empty space in time.  What happened .... very little.  By the time Sean and I got home from work, unpacked, and had tea the day was virtually over.  I squeezed in a Lush bath (you really do need to visit the Lush shop  their products are sensational), and virtually fell asleep on the couch watching a DVD.  The following day it was up and back to work.  I caught up with my good friends Hilary and Monica from DoC for lunch which was lovely as it had been way too long.  Monica had some good news, she has met someone.  I'm thrilled for her as she is the most wonderful lady and has been on her own way too long. 

Grannie brought the boys back yesterday afternoon.  They had packed plenty in during their two days together; shopping for treats, morning tea at Serendipity Cafe, playing the Playstation, shooting with the plastic shot guns and sling shots, balloon soccer, baking cupcakes and chocolate cake for granddad.  I was waiting for the sweet treats for afternoon tea but they showed up empty handed L .  One of the boys favourite things at Whakapara is climbing into bed in the mornings with Grannie and Grandad although they're now almost too big to do so.  Apparently yesterday morning they couldn't wait any longer than 5.30am!  Unfortunately Rory arrived home without his Silkbody Caterpillar hat.  When he lost his hair he was unhappy, itchy and irritable.  I tried all manner of hats for his head but nothing could be worn without causing itching.  I finally (it was a mission) found a hat made from silk and merino which he would tolerate and looked really cool.  I was pretty annoyed it had been misplaced.  But today I found the website of the company which made it .  When I spoke to them they said they would send Rory a new hat for free.  I was again touched by how generous people can be when they hear of Rory's battle.  It makes a huge difference in our lives.