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18, Jul, 2009

Saturday 18th July 2009


Yesterday as we were heading out Sam said to me 'watch out for the steps for Rory mum, they're slippery'.  I was touched, and it made me realise how we have all adjusted to Rory's illness, and keeping him safe is never far from any of our minds.  We are having a quiet day indoors, although Sean has been outside letting off some testosterone with the chainsaw and axe.  Just as well he is as we are burning through the wood this year with the reduced temperatures and regular storms.  The boys made a hut in the lounge this morning, and are now playing with the army set.  Rory and I baked a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for afternoon tea while Sam helped Sean with the wood.  We are all heading out for a half hour stretch in the gorge soon. 

The boys were a bit spoilt yesterday, they got plenty of boy time.  In the morning Katherine brought Korie, Kody and Ben out for a play.  The boys had a picnic morning tea and spent a lot of time building with the lego and shooting with the nerf guns, and all other toy guns they could put their hands on in the house.  We have met some amazing people on Rory's journey, and it has also given us the opportunity to get to know some people in our space a lot better.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Trudi on Monday and Katherine yesterday.  It's comforting to talk about our everyday lives, discover we are all normal, and support each other.  Yesterday afternoon Sam went to play at Matai's house, and when I dropped him off the Newman's was a hive of activity.  It was quiet when Rory and I got back home.  I managed to get a few jobs done while Rory watched and old video of the Lone Ranger.  I told him it was likely dad and Poppa were fans of the Loan Ranger when they were boys.