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20, Jul, 2009

Monday 20th July 2009


The children have been asked to write a story about their holidays.  I'm curious to know which activity Rory will write about, which one had the greatest impact on him.  Children's minds work differently to adults and the boys often surprise me with what they remember, and what they enjoyed the most.  It was back to school this morning for Sam, Rory and I.  The desks have been rearranged into 6's so Darian, Toni and Cheylarne have joined the group.  I have been ousted to the side but have a bigger work space.  I always get plenty done in class. I'm not sure how I tune out the noise and activity but I guess its because I'm focused at getting through the tasks at hand. 


Everyone was late getting out of bed this morning and Sam had to run to catch the bus which he was determined to get on.  Rory stayed behind to catch a ride with me and there were tears because he thought we wouldn't make the bell.  Just as well I'm not a make-up and blow-dry kind of woman because I often have to get ready quickly, under pressure and the watchful eye of young boys.  We made it to school on time, saved partly by the fact the electronic bell wasn't working and there was minor chaos.  The children attended assembly and I really enjoy singing with them, particularly the waiata which Whaea Danielle ensures are as important as the English songs they learn.  This morning in class the children have completed spelling and reading and it is pretty quiet now as they write.  I received a lovely surprise this morning, a voucher for the CACI Medispa in Auckland for a facial, to squeeze in while I am with Rory over the next few months.  It was given by the daughter of one of the teachers at Dargaville Primary.  What a lovely indulgence!  Although I may be beyond repair!!


Yesterday we went for a drive to Mangapai to visit my good friend Dianne from Whanagrei District Council, her husband Riccardo, cats Poppy and Oscar, and horses Mr T and Soky.  Riccardo, who is a number one chef, was supposed to be assisted by Rory, our number one chef, to make pizza for lunch.  However Rory cut his finger with a knife and was taken out of action.  The rest of us were roped in to fill the gap, and I must say lunch was still delicious.  Sam showed his stamina downing 5 pieces of pizza!  After lunch the boys were thrilled to be able to have a ride on horses Mr T (Sam) and Soky (Rory).  They loved being up high and the feel of the horses underneath them.  It took a heavy shower to get them down off the horses.  They also enjoyed patting the horses and feeding them apples.  I definitely think we'll be back in the summer, provided Dianne and Riccardo haven't been too traumatised by our visit.