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06, Apr, 2009

6th April 2009

Dinner last night at Ronald McDonald House was really neat.  The Tamatea family decorated the dining area and there was a fairy magician doing tricks.  She ended her show by making cool things out of balloons, Rory got a green sword.  We also had a visit from Cindy.  She is about 5 months pregnant and positively blooming!

We were up at the hospital early this morning.  As part of his radiotherapy a mask is made for Rory to protect his head/brain during the proceedure.  Graham and the team made the front part of the mask this morning.  Rory lay on his back and his head and face were covered in gladwrap (his mouth and nose were kept clear so he could breathe).  Then strips of bandage soaked in plaster of paris were applied until he looked like a mummy.  It was allowed to set and then the mould was removed.  Graham then uses the mould to make a clear plastic mask.  We will be getting the back section made on Thursday.  Rory gets to keep the mask at the end of the treatment!

We had another physio session with Rachel and Rebecca.  We focused on finding rings hidden in the gym and then putting them on the ring stand.  The girls thought they had outsmarted Rory - but not for long!  It invovled a lot of walking and Rory did well. 

We returned to the Ward so Rory could have his observations done, and the blood tests required before surgery.  The surgery tomorrow is endoscopic.  They make a small holed in Rorys's skull, create a tiny tunnel through the brain, and use a tiny camera and other instruments to carry out the procedure.  The second tumour is a2cm mass and is sitting on the hypothalamus.  They neurosurgeon won't be able to remove it all as this would have a significant effect, so the aim is to reduce it in size as much as possible.  Rory will be returned to HDU (the high dependency unit) after surgery.

Lovely cards and presents arrived today from Uncle Hami and Auntie Hilary, Uncle Harry and Pat, Warfee and Karen, and Hilary and Jacqueline.  Thank you all so much.