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30, Jul, 2009

Thursday 30th July 2009


Rory came through his sixth surgery today.  The surgeons made a cut under the front of his neck and tunnelled a tube into one of the main arteries.  The bottom of the tube exits his chest near the nipple (its stitched in place) and then divides into two (lumens).  All the drugs and fluids associated with chemotherapy will be given through the lumens.  The surgery took 1.5 hrs from start to recovery.  Rory was a little woozy when he came out and had a dry throat but otherwise was fine.  He walked into surgery this afternoon keen to get it over with, particularly as he had had no lunch and wanted the IV line out of his hand.  Tonight they will start giving him continuous IV fluids to super-hydrate him to help flush out the chemo drugs.  He will likely need to pee several times during the night, and I have to collect it in bottles.  It sounds like a challenge for a reality tv show - I'm not sure I can catch uncontrollable male pee with one eye open at 2am!  The chemo drugs start tomorrow. 

We had a quiet morning doing a little shopping, and going for a walk along Mission Bay.  Rory was admitted to Ward 27b after lunch and is in Room 16 in the section reserved for bone marrow patients.  He has a room to himself, complete with Sky TV and Playstation, and there is a pull down bed for me to sleep on.  We are right above the helicopter landing pad so have a great view.  While Rory was in surgery we caught up with my friend Cindy, her partner Neville and new baby Havana.  Havana gave her new parents a fright today and they brought her into Starship A&E to be checked.