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02, Aug, 2009

Sunday 2nd August 2009


Another day has passed and Rory is still being knocked around by the chemotherapy drugs.  He is very nauseous and has not eaten anything, while he hasn't vomited everything has passed out of his system.  We have been placed in isolation in case he has caught rotovirus.  This means Sean and I have to put on a gown and gloves every time we leave the room and go out onto the ward.  Rory hasn't had the energy or enthusiasm to do anything today.  He has watched tv, we have read a few stories, and he has dozed, or lain quietly on his side in the foetal position.  He has complained of sore legs off and on.  Sean and I have done what we can, which is very little.

I did night duty last night and I think it would be good training for the SAS.  It's even worse than having a newborn baby.  The ward lights go off at 8pm and there is no night light in the room so you have to retire as the day lights are way too bright for Rory to sleep.  Rory gets up to go to the loo every 1.5 hours, and the nurses are in and out constantly monitoring him and administering medicine.  The nurses carry torches so you get the occasional bright flash in your eyes.  It's impossible to get a couple of hours unbroken sleep.  Rory is awake before 6am every day so whoever is on duty feels as though they have gone through the ringer. 

Dr Stephen came in this morning.  He is keeping a close eye on Rory's line as it's looking a little red.  The doctors will administer antibiotics if they think it is necessary to prevent an infection.  A 'no. 2' sample has been sent away to the lab to test for rotovirus.  The results should be back by Tuesday morning.  Rory's weight has dropped.  Hopefully he will feel like eating a little tomorrow.  The doctors allow him to lose 10% of his body weight, and then they take measures to ensure he gets adequate nutrition. This involves putting a fine feeding tube up his nose.  A liquid shake is pumped into his stomach slowly at night while he is asleep. 

Rory received the third chemotherapy drug, Cyclophosphamide, yesterday and today.  It was infused over one hour.  He is still receiving iv fluids with electrolytes, and Mesna, a drug to limit the impact of the chemo on his bladder.  Tomorrow is day -1, a rest day from the chemotherapy drugs.  I am glad.