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Rory Gardiner is the middle son of Leigh Honnor and Sean Gardiner. Rory is 17 years old, little brother to Sam who is 19 and big brother to Colt who is 8. Rory currently attends Inglewood High School in Taranaki.

In March 2009 Rory (age 6) was diagnosed with cancer. Shockingly two Medulloblastoma brain tumours were detected via MRI scan. Rory endured seven operations, 31 sessions of high dose radiotherapy and four cycles of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue. He completed treatment in December 2009 and has been in remission since January 2010.

Rory's family received the devastating news in September 2019 that Rory had secondary cancer, Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma, in his jaw.  Rory is currently fighting  cancer for the second time in his short life. This site has been set up to share Rory's journey

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