A bad dream

IHS motivational jar

Rory is so much better.  It is almost like the last month has been a bad dream.  He attended Inglewood High school for a couple of hours yesterday morning and managed to walk the 1km home supported by my arm.  Rory’s appetite has returned and he has enough energy to bicker with Colt.  I have to keep reminding myself it wasn’t a nightmare and we have to return to Starship on Wednesday for the next three cycles of chemo.  Rory’s hair has started to fall out.  It is a sign the chemo is doing its job.  I hope it is working as well on the cancer cells.  The Drs are aiming for a minimum of 90% necrosis (cell death) after the six cycles of chemo, then we can discuss whether to surgically remove the mass.  Things were stable enough for Sam and Caitlyn to babysit last night.  Sean and I snuck away for the AGM and dinner for Wild for Taranaki, the regional conservation hub I work for.  It was nice to be surrounded again with the people who are passionate about protecting the biodiversity and environment of Taranaki. 

Thank you Kyla for the book of tattoo ideas and the Te Awhinatia students for the motivational jar.  What a great idea!