A normal virus

IHS Maroon whanau Tabloid sports Rory Feb 2021

Rory is on the mend.  Thankfully his Covid19 swab was negative.  He had impeccable timing with his symptoms.  Sean and I have a few more grey hairs.  I held off on giving Rory the antibiotics which the doctors always seem in a hurry to give him.  He still has a bit of a runny nose, but was well enough to attend Inglewood High School swimming sports on Friday, although he didn’t swim.  This week Rory and I spent three days confined to the house.  On Thursday we ventured out to attend an appointment with Yvonne from Manawanui to discuss how to manage the support we get for Rory’s personal care.  Rory attended another appointment with the Dentist at the Hospital to get his teeth cleaned and varnished, and his back teeth sealed. 

Thank you to Hayley from Hayley Benseman Mindful Skincare https://hayleybenseman.co.nz/ for the surprise gift of my favourite Rosy Glow face cream.  Our good friend Shelley also called in to deliver a special box of treats for each of us, including Applesticks and a Bunball rabbit treat from Hopstuff.  Thank you Shelley, you have a heart of gold.