A reason to feel grateful

Dr Stephen called in yesterday afternoon and delivered the wonderful news that Rory’s biopsy was clear. It did not contain any cancer cells.  This is a huge relief.  Last night from the window of Starship Level 7 we watched the light show on the Sky Tower to celebrate what we have achieved as a nation in the fight against COVID-19.  For us there was a second reason to feel grateful. 

Day 6.  Rory’s methotrexate level was 0.2 at 72 hours and 0.11 at 96 hours.  He has missed the targets of 0.1 and 0.08 again so hyperhydration continues.  Rory has never hit the 0.05 target at 120 hours but the doctors have been able to discharge him at a slightly elevated level on the proviso he takes leucovorin for 24 hours to protect his kidneys.  Fingers crossed that will be the case this afternoon.  For the last couple of days Rory’s blood pressure has been elevated.  This usually occurs when he is retaining fluid.  Yesterday it occurred even though his weight was stable.  The doctors thought there was an imbalance with his fluid and electrolytes.  Hyperhydration often feels like a recipe which we are continuously adjusting to bake the perfect cake.  Following furosemide, which Rory was not thrilled to take, his blood pressure came down.  The Ortho team have been in and looked at the wound on his toe which has not healed for two months.  They advised us to continue with meticulous wound care.  It should heal once chemo has been completed.  The poor circulation in his feet is also hindering healing.  Nurse Tracey, Dr Kath and Teacher Jan have been regular visitors.  Rory has been proudly telling everyone about his experience with Hulk the kiwi.