A waiting game

Colt Rory Sean Ward27B starship v2

Sean and Colt arrived for the long weekend on Saturday.  It is strange how quickly your life narrows to one journey, to one room and to one person.  It was good to have them here to remind us there is life outside and to give Rory and I a break from the monotony of each other.  Sean looks a bit worse for wear this morning after the last two nights on the ward!

The days tend to roll by.  We take turns going out for walks through parks within the vicinity of the Hospital, trips to Ronald McDonald House to do the washing and get supplies and sitting with Rory in the room, reading, watching tv and helping him with whatever he needs.  Colt and I visited Western Park this morning with a mean flying fox and Sean and Colt found several possums and a beehive hidden in trees in Auckland Domain yesterday. 

Rory remains as well as he can be.  It is a waiting game.  He was hoping to get out of the ward yesterday afternoon but the Methotrexate level in his blood was too high at 0.26.  It needs to be 0.1.  A blood test this morning shows his level is 0.1 so hopefully he will be out by lunch time.  The nurses have been weighing him every day and some days he has gained 1kg due to fluid retention.  They have been giving him a diuretic which makes him pee even more. 

Thank you to the Charteris family for the lovely macadamia cake and nuts which Sean brought up and to Gabby’s Starlit HOPE for the grocery delivery.  I was able to share some of Gabby’s random acts of kindness (RAK) with other families at RM House.