And so it continues

Rory’s blood test results at the Children’s Ward this morning were better than we expected.  His platelets are at 93 (need to be 50) and his neutrophils are at 1.8 (need to be 0.25).  This gives us a green light for the next dose of methotrexate on Monday at Starship.  We have three doses to go until the end of the MAP chemotherapy protocol.  Rory seems a lot calmer and more accepting than prior to the last dose, saying “I just want to get on with it”. 

This week there have been small milestones for Rory.  He was able to sign the EPOA at the lawyers and vote in the TET elections.  Colt also stated “Rory is a lot smarter than me at Pokemon.  He is teaching me”.  I have always told the boys “small is powerful”.  It is the little things which make life for Rory worth fighting for. 

Thank you to our neighbour Marie for the baking.