Autumn in Auckland

Auckland’s sunny, warm, dry days continue.  Their water reservoirs are less than 52% full.  They really need rain.  We are taking advantage of the Autumn weather to go walking with Colt when we are not on the ward with Rory.  We have explored every bit of green space within a 3km radius of the Hospital; Auckland Domain, Mt Eden, Hobson Bay walkway, Arch Hill Reserve, Albert Park, Myers Park, Parnell Rose Garden, Western Park, Victoria Park, Newmarket Park, Silo Park and Wynyard Quarter and Mahuhukiterangi Reserve.  We look for new places every day.  This trip we have kept at least a 2m distance from other people and Colt isn’t allowed to play on the playgrounds, use public toilets or touch anything.  One place Colt refuses to go into is Symonds Street cemetery even though it is close by and full of fascinating history.  It contains several paths and some impressive trees.  I heard a ruru calling from the cemetery last night.  It is amazing how nature can survive in pockets of habitat in urban areas.

The wait continues.  Today is day 4 for Rory in Starship.  I swapped duty with Sean this morning.  Rory’s methotrexate level continues to drop slowly every day (at 48 hours it was 0.86).  He remains in hyper hydration.  He has had one dose of furosemide due to fluid retention.  We have taken him off the dexamethasone as there was a high level of glucose in his urine and blood.  Today we removed the ondansetron (anti-nausea medication).  We are still giving Rory the zopiclone to help him sleep.  Last night he was cranky with the nurse again when she did his four hourly observations (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature).  Sean had to tell him off this morning.