Back at day 6

Day 6.  Rory is a lot better in himself, physically and mentally.  He has been clearing methotrexate at the same pace as the last two doses.  A blood sample was taken at 6am today but I don’t expect the result to be close to the target until 3pm this afternoon.  Hyperhydration continues.  Rory’s haemoglobin level has dropped below the level needed for a transfusion.  This may be a dilute result due to all the fluid so it has been re-checked this morning.  He may need a red cell transfusion before he is discharged (additional two hours).  He also needs a dose of the IV antibiotic pentamidine (1 hr).  These cannot be done until hyper hydration ceases.  His weight has ballooned during the nights due to all the fluid so he has been receiving furosemide twice a day to wring him out.  The Drs have been tailing off the extra hydrocortisone after the adrenal crisis to ensue Rory doesn’t slip back.  Nurse Tracey and Dr Kath have been in to check on him each day.  Dr Stephen is on call this weekend so we will meet with him this morning for a debrief before Rory is discharged hopefully later today.  We hope to make our way home tomorrow a little bit worse for wear.