Chemo post-surgery

We watch Rory like a hawk, for signs of discomfort, for a temperature and for complications.  Thankfully his body is still coping well with treatment.  He stoically sits in the hospital bed day after day receiving the chemotherapy I wish we didn’t have to give him (again).  The surgeons may have removed the tumor but there is a high-risk cancer cells remain in Rory’s system post-surgery.  More chemotherapy is required, it is a kind of insurance.  I force myself to keep on bringing Rory back to Starship to endure further treatment.  Rory isn’t happy about it but he understands why we have to do this.  On Thursday and Friday Rory received Doxorubicin and Cisplatin.  It is Rory’s fourth dose of these chemotherapy agents and he has reached the limit for Cisplatin.  He cannot receive any more due to toxicity to his system, particularly his kidneys.  Cisplatin is no longer part of the treatment plan going forward.  Rory has also been receiving anti-nausea medication, medication to protect his vital organs and plenty of fluid.  Getting up to pee every 1.5 hours is the routine but it is tough going at night.  Rory will have completed his post-chemotherapy hydration by midday today and he will be discharged to RM House.  Over the last couple of days we have had visits from Dr Kath, Nurse Tracey and Rayleen from CCF to update Rory’s Beads of Courage.  Sean and I have been taking turns with Rory on Ward 27B which makes life a little easier.  Colt spent one day at school at RM House and will be attending class there intermittently over the next five months.