Clear margins - just

We have clear margins – just.  I hadn’t realised how tense and afraid I was until Dr Stephen called this afternoon.  The preliminary report on the pathology shows the tumor was completely removed.  This means no cancer cells were seen at the outer edge of the tissue which was removed.  The margins were incredibly narrow, ranging from 0.2mm -0.4mm.  The preferred margin is 2mm or more.  This was not possible due to the location of the tumor, close to Rory’s brain.  Achieving a clear margin was the goal of surgery.  We are ecstatic and very relieved.  However, the preliminary results also show the chemotherapy Rory has received has only resulted in 50% necrosis.  This means only half of the tumor cells had been killed.  The target rate is 90%.  It is likely Rory will be subject to a new chemotherapy regime post-surgery to achieve a greater likelihood of killing any cancer cells which remain within Rory’s system.  Dr Stephen has a meeting with other specialists on Friday morning to discuss the results, Rory’s case and develop a treatment plan. 

Rory spends a lot of time resting.  He enjoys being out and about interacting with people but he gets tired very easily.  He stood in the shower for a short time for the first time tonight.  I bought a shower chair so he can sit.  This afternoon Rory was very focused and almost completed a lego set.  His leg aches less each day.  He expresses strong displease at some of the food we have blended and put in front of him to eat.  I have been into Inglewood High School to discuss his return to school this week.  Rory enjoyed seeing Grannie and Grandad Gardiner today who are camping in Inglewood for a month en route to a new life in Dannevirke. 

Thank you to Shelley for taking Colt off our hands for the night and for the delicious dinner and to Jen, Matt and South Taranaki Forest and Bird members for the vouchers to help keep our family running.  Thank you to my Manager Steve for being very understanding about my inability to work while I support Rory.