Congratulations and Happy Birthday Colt

Colt Year 4 Ritchie Cup

Happy 9th Birthday Colt. 

When Rory went into remission ten years ago his Neurosurgeon told me to let him go.  To stop holding onto him so tight and let him be a ‘normal’ 7 year old.  When I opened my arms I felt empty.  It felt like something was missing.  Sean and I never contemplated having a third child, so when I brought up the idea after what we had been through it seemed like madness.  We had no idea what was ahead for Rory or our family.  Sean and I were older.  There would be a big age gap between Sam and Rory and the new baby, 11 and 8 years respectively.  To make sense of the crazy idea I had a session with Dr Kath (I still have the notes).  Nine years ago this morning Sam and Rory held Colt for the first time.  He was a gift for us all.  Each of our boys has taught me something.  Sam taught be how to be a mother, Rory taught me about the value of life and Colt showed me it is worth taking and giving second chances.  There has been a double celebration in our house over the last 24 hours.  Last night at the 2019 Inglewood Primary Junior/Middle prizegiving Colt won the Ritchie Cup for the Year 4 boys.  I was so proud to see him go up on stage to receive it.  There were tears in my eyes as I stood and waved at him from the back of the hall.   It was a shame Sean wasn’t there to see. 

We have been the recipients of many wonderful generous gifts over the last couple of days.  We want to acknowledge and thank you all.  Inglewood Lions Club for the donation to help with our ongoing expenses.  Fern still thinks volunteer Don is an intruder when he turns up at our back door.  The Child Cancer Foundation and Gabby’s Starlit Hope for the Christmas hampers.  We will be remembering Gabby and her random acts of kindness (RAK) on Christmas Day.  Our neighbour Marie who arrived with a basket of treats.  The teachers at Inglewood High School for the meals, vouchers and donations.  Evelyn our patient NZ Sign Language teacher for the voucher.  Inglewood Football Club for the Hoodie and box of biscuits.  The Taranaki Van Asch team for the donation.  We are going to have a wonderful Christmas lunch with our family and be well fed while we are home.

All the incredible donations you have given us help keep us going.  They put food on our table and help us pay the bills.  This is especially important as things fall away as we focus on Rory's survival.  It was with sadness on Monday I resigned from my job with Wild for Taranaki, our regions biodiversity hub.  I have worked for Wild for Taranaki for five years.  It has been a challenge which has required a lot of energy.  You have to be focused, organised and able to continually multi-task.  I couldn’t continue to do this for the Trust and for Rory simultaneously.  We do not know how long Rory will battle cancer this time.  It will be months and could be years.  He needs to be my number one priority.  I am grateful Taranaki Regional Council have offered me a small part-time role which I can work where/when I am able.  I am also grateful for all your love and support.