Te Mata Peak Grannie Rory

We tease Rory he is like an old man.  He moves slowly with a walker or a quad walking stick with close support.  He feels the cold so we layer him with extra clothing when we are out and about in the wintery weather.  He has his food cut into small bites as we have had four choking incidents in the last fortnight and we make him a cup of tea several times a day to keep up his fluid intake.  We often using teasing and joking in our family to make light of what happens with Rory.  This helps to combat the feelings of sadness, anger and devastation at his reality at only 18 years old. 

We have taken a few days away to spend time with Grannie and Grandad Gardiner at their new home in Dannevirke.  It has been lovely to see them and explore new places.  The highlights include; feeding the long finned eels at the WopWops eco wetland park in Norsewood, walking the boardwalk through the Pekapeka wetland south of Hastings, shuffling Rory the last few metres to the summit of Te Mata Peak, tramping the lower Ruahine range, three generations of Gardiner men (Grandad, Sean, Colt) hunting together at Oporae and a unique experience with the artist at Side Street Art Gallery in Woodville.  In typical fashion we have managed to pack plenty into four days.  We will definitely be coming back.