Day 6 waiting

Rory methotrexate april day 5

Day 6 in Starship and Rory is ready to get out.  Rory’s methotrexate level was 0.19 at 72 hours (needed to be 0.1), 0.1 at 96 hours (needed to be 0.08) and 0.08 at 111 hours at 6am this morning (needed to be 0.05).  We are hoping the level at 3pm this afternoon (at 120 hours) will be close to 0.05 so Rory can be discharged.  I am in the ward having swapped with Sean this morning.  Rory has required furosemide the past couple of days as his weight has crept up and he is a bit swollen.  He is in pretty good spirits considering, patiently waiting for freedom. 

I was a bit worried earlier in the week that Easter would be a non-event in our bubble.  There was added pressure after the Prime Minister declared the Easter Bunny an essential service.  Thanks to Gabby’s Starlit Hope and Nana Honnor the Easter bunny came to the ward and the Waldorf yesterday.  RM House also dropped off a parcel of Easter eggs and hot cross buns Sunday afternoon so the boys were very happy.  We have crossed off a couple more walks.  Sean and Colt walked the Grey Lynn Greenway to Cox’s Bay, and Colt and I walked around the Orakei Basin, a tidal lagoon in a volcanic crater.