Discharge from Ward 74

Rory Sean practising with low walker ward 74

Day 13 after major surgery and Rory’s recovery has been good enough for him to be discharged from Auckland Hospital to RM House.  There was a flurry of activity yesterday morning.  The surgical team came on their 7am rounds.  Rory’s wounds continue to heal slowly.  He is still leaking from the incision under his neck but is helping drain his face which is still swollen (it becomes worse overnight from being horizontal).  This should heal in time.  Steri strips are helping close the incision by his ear.  His wounds will be checked and dressed this morning and Friday morning.  The Dietician came.  Rory has made good progress with eating so the NG tube was removed.  The stitches in his nose were snipped and the tube was pulled out like a long yellow worm.  He is to eat a minced and soft diet.  The Dietician gave us Fortisip to ensure he gets adequate nutrition.  The Physiotherapist Pauline came.  Rory did his first lap of the Ward holding onto my arm but it was a struggle and Pauline had to assist.  She has given him some ankle exercises. The moon boot can come off today.  Rory was discharged at midday Tuesday with additional medication.  The staff in both DCCM and Ward 74 (Head and Neck & ENT) have done a great job of caring for Rory and have been very accommodating so Sean and I have been able to support his recovery. 

It’s early morning and Sean and I have had little sleep.  We all sleep in one room at RM House.  It was hot and Rory tossed and turned all night.  Sean and I were afraid he would roll off the bed, or he was in pain, or something was wrong like a blood clot.  We were up and down.  It is very hard to sleep when you are on alert.  We are all a bit jaded this morning.