Cancer is a terrible disease.  It strikes without warning and no one is safe.  A diagnosis with cancer is devastating.  For children and young people it is particularly cruel.  They are at the start of their lives, full of energy and promise.  Treatment is gruelling and they suffer as Doctors and their families try to save their lives.  For the worst types of cancer the cost of survival is high.  For some cancer keeps coming.  Not matter what treatment they receive or how courageous they are eventually there is no longer a way to follow the light.  I cannot begin to imagine how heartbreaking this is for them and their families.  I dedicate todays blog to Emily Foreman, a courageous vibrant young woman from Inglewood who passed away on Saturday.  Emily has been receiving treatment for a rare form of cancer for almost two years. 



Rory and I shed some tears when we heard the news about Emily.  It is terribly sad.  Rory asked if it was going to be him now.  How do I answer that?  We will follow the light and find joy in life as long as we can, for Emily, for Mia, for Reuben, for Carrie and for all the kids who are no longer able to do so. 

Over the weekend we became stuck in a rut.  Each day Rory walked a little further and more often with the walking frame (and support).  He drank a little more Fortisip and was snuck some clear soup and ice cream.  His wounds continue to heal.  Little happens in the hospital during the weekend so it was dull and quiet.  I also sunk into the rut.  My time outside the ward reduced each day as I lost the drive for adventure.  Thankfully this morning things stepped up a gear.  Rory has moved onto soft pureed food and the overnight NG (nasogastric) feed has been stopped.  We keep a record of all he eats and drinks.  Rory has been out of the ward in a wheelchair.  Sean was told by Dr Kath to take him out for a lap of the hospital to slowly reintroduce him to the world so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.  Unsurprisingly neither Sean or Rory followed the instructions as Colt and I found them out in the street.  If Rory continues to make small steps it is likely he will be discharged this week. 

Happy Birthday Tim.  Thank you for reminding me the green still exists.