Eyes on the skies

Leo asleep Rory June 2022

The weather in Inglewood in winter is my nemesis.  We are an outdoors family, so are eyes are continuously on the skies (and the MetService/YR weather forecasts).  Sean completes field work and we make a break for exercise during the fine-ish gaps.  It is also a continuous battle to dry the washing.  Yesterday Colt and I walked, and Rory rode, the 8km loop around Inglewood and managed to stay dry. 

There is a little less ‘space’ indoors with the arrival of Leo.  He has been with us for a week.  For the first three nights he intermittently yelped and howled.  Sean, Colt and I were up multiple times.  It took me back to the boys baby years.  Rory slept through the whole things as is deaf without the cochlear implants at night.  Leo is quite timid with people but he is becoming braver and more boisterous.  He loves playing with Fern and budgie Opal, wrestling with his toys and relaxes to fall asleep on our knee with pats.  We hope he will continue to come out of his shell.  Unfortunately he ate some metal bristles from his brush.  He has passed about half of what we think is missing. 

A week has managed to go by without any medical appointments for Rory.  At WITT they cooked nachos and he is working on a project to plan an event for the class.  Rory chose an archery session.  He is working on a paper bin at the NP Men’s Shed with Peter and when finished they are going to move onto a dog kennel.  It will be the fanciest one in town!