Father's Day Level 3

Weedbusting Sean Colt Legend Lopper Kid Klaw

Happy Father’s Day to the four great dad’s in our family; Poppa Honnor, Grandad Gardiner, Sean and Uncle Guy.  Thank you for all the little things you do for us …. and the big.  We love you to the moon and back.  We planned to have a family lunch together but under Covid Level 3 we are in separate bubbles so it has been postponed.  My mother informs me these family gatherings are all the more important “now we are old”.  This morning we called Poppa and Grandad.  Sean made a contactless delivery to Poppa on Friday when he was passing through New Plymouth.  We made the lockdown Father’s Day special for Sean with cards and small gifts over pikelets for breakfast, a morning walk in our community with a stop to see Sam and Caitlyn and an afternoon wander across the Vujcich farm.  Sean and Colt had the first dip of the season in the Maketawa Steam and Rory and I collected the hens eggs. 

The days feel like they are on repeat.  We rise around 5.30am, exercise, eat breakfast and do some household chores before ‘school’ starts at 9amish.  Sean works from home while I teach the boys until around 3pm.  In the middle of the ‘school’ day we eat lunch and I squeeze in an hours work.  When ‘school’ finishes we take Fern for a walk around the nearby park to get some fresh air and stretch.  The weather has been too lovely to stay indoors.  I try and fit in another hours work before more household chores and dinner.  Most nights I am slumped on the couch in front of Netflix by 8pm!  The highlight of our school week has been the Backyard Biodiversity Facebook page www.facebook.com/BackyardBiodiversityTaranaki/ .  This is run by the talented Educators from Taranaki Regional Council (Dr Emily) and Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust (Ash).  Colt has built a bird feeder, created Leaf Vein Slugs and this weekend super heroes Legend Lopper and Kid Klaw tackled pest plants in our backyard.  Emily and Ash are helping grow the next generation of environmental champions.