Final methotrexate day 2

Hyperhydration Rory

Methotrexate day 2.  It was our usual 8am Monday start at the Oncology clinic at Starship yesterday.  Rory had a powerport put in and hyperhydration was started.  We saw Dr Stephen.  There are a lot of loose ends to tie up this week in addition to completing chemotherapy.  Rory’s Vitamin D level is low.  He may be put on a supplement but there is also a research project underway at Starship looking at Vitamin D levels in osteosarcoma patients so he may be a candidate for this.  We need the results of the CT scan and the input of Dr Nick, who we see tomorrow morning, to plan the next six months.  Rory also needs a series of MRI images to investigate the cause of his mobility issues.  Over the last two years Rory has experienced declining mobility.  He can only stand briefly unaided then he sways and overbalances.  He can no longer walk without support, his legs go everywhere and he cannot control them.  His mobility has deteriorated significantly over the last nine months.  He has lost all muscle tone and strength.  We do not know what he can recover too.  The MRI images are outside of the norm and can only be done in Auckland.  It is likely we will have to make a return trip for the scan and to see a Neurologist. 

Rory has had the CT of his head, neck and chest.  Contrast was used to enhance the images.  The contrast was run through the powerport which allows faster flow of fluids.  Rory was admitted to Room 3 on Ward 27B and the methotrexate was given mid-afternoon.  Nurse Tracey was in and out during the day assisting with things and Dr Kath came to see how Rory was coping.  He felt like rubbish by dinner time yesterday.  This is par for the course because the methotrexate is highest in his system.  He has gained 2.5kg overnight so been given furosemide to wring him out this morning.  His tummy is a bit upset so we will need to keep an eye on that.