Focus your energy on building the new

RDA Rory riding April 2021

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” (Socrates). 

Every year there is a new challenge with the functioning of Rory’s body.  All the disabilities are delayed effects from the cancers and their treatment.  Rory will always be building the new.  We ensure he has a range of tools to use.  He has one on one sessions at the gym with Dane, rides horse Peggy at Riding for the Disabled (RDA), walks with us, takes part in sessions with Parafed Taranaki and on Thursday he volunteered with Rob grading feijoas from harvest.  The different physical activities complement each other and increase Rory’s strength and stamina.  This improves his balance and co-ordination, reducing the risk of falls.  It also helps Rory sleep better at night, concentrate during the day and improves his sense of self-worth.  We believe physical activity is an essential part of every day, for everyone.  We push Rory hard and do not see his disabilities as a reason not to be active and fit.  On Sunday we attended the team building event for the Taranaki team for the Halberg Games.  Twelve families are making the journey to Auckland at the end of the month so their children can compete in a variety of sports.  For many kids, like Rory, it will be their first time, whereas some are veterans who have set themselves personal goals to beat.  There was a lot of excitement in the room. 

Unfortunately illness lingered in our space this week.  I got Rory’s respiratory virus and it knocked me over for several days.  Rory’s companion Natasha was sick on Wednesday so Rory was juggled between Sean and I.  I took him to RDA and it was wonderful to see him ride and the progress he has made.  Over the last month Rory has developed a Herpes simplex rash on his hand.  Rory is particularly susceptible to the herpes family of viruses and they make themselves known when his immune system is weak.  I have started him on Lysine tablets.  Rory had an MRI of his left ankle to see if there are any lingering issues as a result of his falls.  Sean took him to the appointment and there was a problem because of the cochlear implants.  Rather than use the new covers for the implants which Radiology have bought the technicians bandaged his head to keep them in place.  The bandage was too tight and began to hurt so they had to pull Rory out of the MRI machine early.  I can only hope they got enough images for a diagnosis.

On Saturday we celebrated a belated post-lockdown 21st birthday for Sam and Caitlyn.  We managed to keep the party a secret (even though Colt has loose lips) so they had no idea what they were walking into.  It was nice to see them surrounded by many of the people who are important connections in their lives.

Happy 22nd birthday Caitlyn  xox