Golden wedding anniversary

Honnor Wedding photo 1

In the disorder which was December one important date slipped quietly by.  On 27th December Nana and Poppa Honnor celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.  I was overwhelmed with Rory’s treatment, getting home from Auckland, Colt’s birthday and Christmas so I only remembered on the 28th.  On Wednesday night we went out for a family dinner to celebrate.  Congratulations mum and dad, being married for 50 years is an achievement.  You are still in it together!  We love you  xox

I sit looking at the calendar wondering where three weeks have gone.  Only one more sleep at home before we return to Auckland for an amount of time which will be determined by Rory’s surgery and recovery.  His blood test results yesterday were good although his haemoglobin level is low.  Rory is anaemic.  He will receive a blood transfusion during surgery.  We have explained the surgery to Rory in simple terms.  As his mind processes what is ahead questions are bubbling to the surface; what will happen to my teeth, what will my leg look like afterwards, will I be able to talk.  It will require great courage from us all to go ahead with what must be done to try and save Rory’s life. 

There is still laughter in our days, unfortunately yesterday it was at Colt’s expense.  He was playing with Ultra putty in the car when it bounced off the window and got stuck in his fringe.  The large blob was stuck fast so I had to cut it out.  The result was not pretty.  Sean took one look at it when he got home from work, freaked out, and rushed Colt into New Plymouth for an emergency visit to a barber.