Happy Birthday Sean

Sean Dover Track Taranaki Mounga

Happy Birthday Sean!  Sean celebrated his birthday yesterday.  This year there wasn’t the opportunity to get into the green but at least we were (mostly) all together.

Two more days have passed.  Sean, Colt and I go in and out while Rory remains confined to the cell.  We have been getting him up more.  He is developing a reputation for his strolls around the ward.  It was lovely to have visitors, my cousin Diana and the Poole family.  Your love and smiling faces boost morale.  Thank you for the vouchers and the lovely lego set for the boys to build. 

Rory’s CT scan is scheduled for 9am.  His methotrexate level at 4am was 0.11 so we hope to get him out later this morning.  We will find activities to fill in our day as a distraction from the fear and anxiety about what the CT will tell us.