Rory in isolation cycle 1

Rory remains in isolation in the Children’s ward. He is still neutropenic but his condition improves a little each day. The first round of chemotherapy put Rory’s body under stress, his cortisol level dropped and he wasn’t getting enough hydrocortisone. This caused his body to go into crisis. This presented as exhaustion, a low sodium level, low blood pressure, dehydration and severe abdominal pain and nausea. The Doctors have had him on IV Hydrocortisone, fluids and sodium. He has been getting pain relief and medication for the stomach cramps and nausea. The chemotherapy also caused a bad skin rash. Rory will receive antibiotics this weekend, a precaution against infection because he has no immune system. Sean and I are taking turns on the ward looking after him. Sam, Caitlyn and Colt called in today for a visit.

Sean and I have a different approach to Rory’s journey. Sean is like his mum, Grannie Gardiner. Grannie was a nurse. She is patient, calm and nurturing. I am the complete opposite. My instinct is to gather all available weapons and fight, to fight until I am unable to fight any longer. I suspect I inherited this from my dad, Poppa Honnor. These different approaches complement each other and give Rory the strongest backing we can as he endures this tough treatment.

Thank you to; the Amoores for the bags of citrus, Janine and Michael for the fresh produce and Gabby’s Starlit HOPE for a random act of kindness which I have left on Rory’s bed for him to open when he gets home. We remember Gabby’s big smile, giving nature and zest for life xox