Jack and Rory 3 Copy

“A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden”

My post today is dedicated to Jack.  Jack came into Rory’s life exactly a year ago.  He was hired by NZ Care to be a companion to Rory.  Jack was cool.  They hung out together one day a week.  Jack saw the real Rory.  On the days they hung out together they went to the movies, ate pizza, played air hockey, went shopping for clothes in town and worked out at the gym.  Jack was always so enthusiastic and relaxed about their time together.  It was easy.  Jack made Rory feel like every other teenage boy.  The day with Jack was often the highlight of Rory’s week.  They hung out together for the last time yesterday.  Jack is off to Police College next week.  Rory is proud of Jack but also sad.  There was a lump in my throat when I took a photo of them together.

The days roll by when we are at home.  Rory and I walk Colt to school and home in the wheelchair.  I’ve quickly learnt where the rough sections of footpath are in Inglewood.  We have had a visit from Aliah, the Family Support Co-ordinator for CCF.  She updated Rory’s Beads of Courage.  In six weeks he has collected 80.  Rory spent the morning with Nana Honnor today so I could go to the office.  It has been seven weeks since I walked out the door in response to a call from Sean about an emergency CT scan.  Nana and Rory played board games and Nana brought over the old photo albums so he got to look at humiliating photos from my childhood. 

Rory had a blood test.  To our shock he is not neutropenic.  We are not sure whether it is still coming or whether it is a result of the new peg-G-CSF injection he received to boost his immune system.  His platelets and haemoglobin are a bit low and he will have a repeat blood test on Friday.  The Dermatologist called.  Rory’s skin rash was Folliculitis with a yeast infection.  Folliculitis becomes a problem when you are immune suppressed so they will be keeping an eye out for it in future.  Rory gave us all a fright last night.  He got up to use the bathroom at 3.30am and had a fall in the dark.  The level of anxiety in our family was evident as people rushed into the hallway from three bedrooms.  Even Sam was there and he wouldn’t get up if the house was burning down. 

Thank you to our good friend Shelley for the box of fresh produce and laughter as we compared family tales.  Thank you also to Taranaki Regional Council and our Managers Stephen and Steve who have been so supportive at this very difficult time.