Keep calm and kiss a frog

Rory and Southern Bell frog Aug 2021

Lockdown Day 11.  Confined to our bubble the days blur and there is less definition between week days and weekends.  Every morning we exercise in pairs.  We tried a family walk but it ended in disaster.  It is great Rory can cover greater distances on the hand cycle while we walk.  There is always something new to discover, today a Southern bell frog which had hopped onto the road from a nearby pond.  It feels like the list of household chores is endless.  It is amazing how many little jobs we had shelved while Rory was on treatment, and not managed to complete in the last year.  There are Zoom calls for work, with friends and for school.  Home schooling is a challenge as Rory and Colt are working at different levels so need different activities.  Rory needs a lot more one-on-one support.  I have been trying to come up with new and interesting projects in addition to online learning; cooking, flax weaving and building bird feeders.  I am the designated shopper (no surprise there) so make the occasional trip to the supermarket.  I developed a cold so had a Covid19 swab a week ago.  Thankfully it was negative.  Sam and Caitlyn have had their first vaccination.  Rory has found lock down the hardest.  While Sean, Colt and I have plenty to do the options for Rory are more limited, he tires quickly and gets bored.  He is happiest undertaking a variety of activities out in the community with people other than us.  The situation for him is now a little like being confined to Starship Hospital or Ronald McDonald House so we have noticed at times he is depressed and lethargic.  Unfortunately it is the price for keeping him safe.