Chemotherapy destroys cells which grow rapidly, including those in the bone marrow which produce platelets.  Platelets in the blood stream live around 8-10 days and are rapidly replenished.  When levels are low they most often return to normal in 28-35 days.  We are only allowing Rory’s system around 18 days between chemotherapy treatments.  The further into treatment you get the longer it takes platelets to recover as they are already at a reduced level. 

Rory’s platelets are giving us the run around.  This morning Sean took Rory to the Children’s Ward to check them.  Two finger pricks, one elbow prick and a draw from the top of the hand later we found out Rory’s platelets are only 38.  They have stopped falling and started to climb but they are two counts short of the 40 which would trigger our travel to Auckland today.  It is exasperating!  The question at 10.30am this morning was “should we stay or should we go now”?  We have decided to drive up tomorrow so we can attend the clinic appointment at 3.30pm with Dr Stephen.  Rory will miss the GFR (kidney function) test but provided his blood results are ok the GFR can be done after the next dose of methotrexate.  Rory will be admitted to Starship either Tuesday or Wednesday morning for chemotherapy, depending on his platelets.  I have rung RM House to let them know we have been delayed.  I have also spoken to the nurse in change on Ward 27B to reassure her we are all well and will be there tomorrow. 

Rory had a nice birthday.  Thank you all for your birthday wishes.  The vodka cruisers are on hold until after chemotherapy!  We have been cleaning and packing inside our bubble but taking time outside every day to take Rory for a short walk in our neighborhood.  Given what he has been through, and what is to come, he deserves to feel the sun and wind on his face however we can.