Last weekend before the storm

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The reality of Rory’s diagnosis unravels in stages; sorrow, fear, a gathering of strength to fight, planning, researching and a growing list of questions. You can see the tumor in Rory’s left cheek. I have been putting Kawakawa balm on the skin as the dressing from the biopsy left an angry, itchy red rash. You can feel the tumor under the skin. It is large, it is hard, it is growing and it is the enemy.

To fill in time and make memories before treatment begins on Tuesday we were tourists in Auckland for the weekend. On Saturday it was lovely to see our great friends Jo and Shelton who were up from New Plymouth. They dropped off supplies and treats, gave me a website tutorial and bolstered the spirits in our team. We also bought supplies at the Parnell Farmers Market and followed Colt around Auckland Zoo. Sunday was my special day so the boys made an effort to make it count. We cruised the Clevedon Farmers Market, ate lunch at the famous fish and chip shop at Kaiaua, visited the Miranda Shorebird Centre and soaked in the Miranda hot springs.  I will always remember.