Level 2 - aiming for a runners high

Rory and Rob Sept 2021

Lockdown is quiet, still and inward.  Life in comparison is noisy, fast and outward.  It takes time and effort to adjust when the switch is flicked from one to the other.  The first day of Covid Level 2 meant little change to Rory, Colt and I as schools were still closed.  By Thursday we were all happy to go our separate ways.  For Rory and Colt is was a return to their mates and different activities to occupy the day.  For me it was a chance to get back to the important mahi at TRC, although for the morning I felt like I had a hangover from a three week bender!  Rory was thrilled to head out with Rob in the afternoon.  They were two rascals about town.  Rory has missed him.  We have had dinner with Sam and Caitlyn and lunch with Nana and Poppa Honnor.  It is wonderful to stretch our bubble to be a little bigger to include those we love.  We are all trying to adjust to the new way of living; scanning, mask wearing and extra sanitising.  Mask wearing is problematic for Rory.  He is bald and his head is slippery.  His ears are encumbered with the cochlear implants and his face is a funny shape as one side has been rebuilt.  It is a challenge to find a mask which fits effectively and comfortably.  During lockdown Colt started accompanying me for 3.5km when I went out for a run before breakfast.  He is keen to do better in cross country this year.  Some days are easy and others there are  a multitude of reasons why he has to slow or stop.  I’m not sure he believes there is a runners high “a zone that we enter when everything seems to click perfectly, when time stands still, and when we can run almost without effort”  Amby Burfoot.