Lockdown 2021

Rory mum handcycle

The last four days of lockdown have been pretty surreal for us.  During the lockdown in 2020, from March to May, Rory was undergoing chemotherapy, post-surgery, for osteosarcoma.  We were travelling back and forth between Auckland and Inglewood.  We were living at home, in an apartment in Auckland and in Starship Hospital.  We had a reasonable amount of freedom and variety.  Our focus was very much on Rory’s survival, not what was happening in the world around us.  It feels strange to be confined to our town, largely to our section.  We are active people who spend a lot of time out in the community.  It feels like time has slowed and all we have to do is within arms reach.  Sean and I have been working from home which has been a challenge with the boys underfoot.  To take off the edge, prevent warfare and ensure we are productive, we head out early in the morning.  We have been dividing and conquering, each taking one of the boys for exercise.  Colt has been cycling 17km with Sean or alongside me when I run.  Rory is using the hand cycle and today managed 10km while I walked to keep up.  The mornings have been lovely; cold, quiet and clear. 

Rory’s appointment with surgeon Dr Nick at Auckland Hospital next week has been postponed.  Rory and I have been working on the forms for Miss Hallet’s Masters thesis.  We squeezed in a little bit of activity on Monday.  Rory had a Teacher’s only day so we visited Marfell School in New Plymouth to see if he could volunteer in the kitchen for the school lunch programme in Term 4.  Early in the afternoon Rory went for a drive with his mate Jerry in his stock truck.  Rory enjoyed his company and the ride up high.  Jerry is a great role model for Rory, a young man with a disability making his way in the world.  He doesn’t let his challenges hold him back.