Low blood counts

Rory is back home.  He has had iv stress dose hydrocortisone and antibiotics for two days.  Sean stayed with him in the hospital on Saturday night and I stayed last night.  Rory is feeling a lot better.  The stomach pain and nausea are gone.  Blood test results this morning show he is profoundly neutropenic (no immune system).  His Haemoglobin and Platelets continue to drop, hovering just above transfusable level.  We return on Wednesday morning for a blood test and review.  Rory has lost all interest and motivation in eating.  We are working hard to get him to drink and eat.  He is shying away from soft and minced food, preferring liquid nourishment.  He has lost 1kg while we have been home.  Thankfully he had a little to spare.  If his weight drops too far the Doctors will insist the NG (naso-gastric) tube is put back in. 

Thank you to Uncle Matt and Auntie Vanessa for the donation.  It takes away some of the stress around how we going to continue to pay the bills.  I feel a lot of guilt within myself for not working, and I keep meaning to start but fall short.  Thank you to Dave, Hayden and Aly Keeling (Angel Corey’s family) for the firewood.  We now have enough to see us through winter.