Rory and I are back in the Children’s Ward this morning.  Rory is a regular, known by most of the nurses.  He almost needs his name permanently on a door.  Blood test results show his white blood count and Haemoglobin are increasing.  However, Rory is still chewing through the platelets.  His count is 10, down from 24 on Monday.  He is at the point where a platelet transfusion is required so he will receive one this morning.  Rory is sick of being in isolation and is complaining about being bored.  Now he is no longer neutropenic we can take him out in the community.  For the last six days there have been very limited periods out of the house or hospital and he has had to wear a mask.  He can now return to school for short periods, and Sam and Caitlyn can come home.  We have been keeping them away as Caitlyn has a cold.  She will still need to wear a mask around Rory.  We are all looking forward to seeing my cousin ‘Uncle’ David who has travelled all the way from the Virgin Islands to see his New Zealand family. 

Rory spent yesterday morning with Grannie Gardiner.  I went to work at Taranaki Regional Council.  It has been months since I had a half day at work.  Time has moved on and for me it was like it had stood still.  It was good to be in amongst it again but it was like being in the twilight zone.  I had to work hard to concentrate on the tasks in front of me and push everything Rory and medical aside, even though my phone went half a dozen times!  I don’t know when I will be back or how much work I will be able to do in the coming weeks.  It is almost not worth trying to do anything until chemotherapy finishes.

Thank you to Aly Keeling for the delicious dinner.  Rory made a good effort with the meatballs.