Platelets are tiny blood cells which help your body form clots to stop bleeding.  While today’s test results show Rory’s body is recovering, and no longer neutropenic, his platelets continue on a downward slide.  He is experiencing an increased number of nose bleeds.  We are watching him closely for bruising and bleeding while cleaning his teeth.  If his platelets get too low or bleeding becomes too much or is too frequent he will need a blood transfusion.  A complication is that platelets need to be at a certain level for chemotherapy to go ahead.  They are currently far below the level.  I am hoping the platelets will increase over the next week so treatment can proceed as planned.

I was pleased Rory was no longer neutropenic as we were able to go to Inglewood Primary today and watch Colt complete in the Middle syndicate spelling bee.  The finalists stand up and spell in front of their peers and supporters, a daunting feat for many adults.  They all showed great courage and wanted to do well.  Colt came 3rd.  I don’t think he will ever forget how to spell survivor the word which eliminated him.  I think I would have gone out with giraffe. 

The Inglewood High School meal train continues.  Mrs Richards, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Cook arrive at our gate with delicious food just as I am wondering what will be for dinner.  We are very spoilt.