Kids Kickin Cancer

Rory Kids Kickin Cancer Soccer Club Kit 2

Rory is out and the port is working.  Wahoo!  I am so relieved.  The Nurses put Alteplase (the equivalent of drain cleaner) into the line and port overnight.  It dissolves any blood clots which may have formed.  We are back at the Children’s ward this morning where the Nurses and Dr worked for 10 tense minutes to get the port to flush and draw.  Rory was sent home with the port still accessed (iv lines attached).  He has to return to the Hospital daily for a blood test and an IV antibiotic (Ceftriaxone).  This is given as a precaution until his immune system has recovered.  I have been in discussion with the Auckland Hospital Surgical team, Dr Stephen and Nurse Tracey to help complete the planning required for surgery on 8th January. 

Amendment: A parcel was at our backdoor when we arrived home from the hospital all the way from Tennessee, USA.  It was from the Kids Kickin Cancer Soccer Club ( .  It includes a full soccer kit.  The note inside reads “Each time you put on your uniform know that your team mates from around the world are cheering for you!  Image you are all playing a soccer game against cancer and your team is winning big!”.  What a fantastic idea and a lovely parcel to receive on Christmas Eve. 

Thank you to Operation Blue Santa for the Christmas Hamper we received on the Children’s Ward.