Relationship circles

Mens Shed Gabbys Starlit Hope

We are all at the centre of our own relationship circles.  The first circle around us contains our intimate relationships, the second contains family then in ever increasing circles friends, co-workers, acquaintances and strangers.  Intimacy takes many forms; physical, emotional, intellectual and experiential.  We all thrive on close personal relationships with others.  As a young adult Rory has no one in his intimacy circle.  I hope one day he might meet a nice girl who thinks he is something special but until that time we need to find something to fill the gap.  As part of our quest for a solution this week we visited Cavalove Kennels, a local professional Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder.  Kathryn had 30 female dogs and it was amazing to see them all come bounding to the gate to greet us.  It was a joy for all of us to get amongst them for cuddles and pats.  Kathryn currently has five litters of puppies and a small number are still looking for homes.  We were impressed with the nature of the dogs and the care they were receiving.  We had intended to wait until Fern was no longer with us to get a pup, but it is hard not to be swayed into getting a buddy for Rory now.  Even though he is active in the community and is within the circle of his family I think he feels something is missing. 

It has been a touching week.  On Monday at the New Plymouth Men’s Shed Roly (Gabby’s dad) called in to pick up the wood blocks the men have been preparing.  This will go into boredom boxes which are gifted to children in hospital.  The meeting was a touching moment for Roly, Rory and Shed Co-ordinator Phill.  A lovely post was put up on Gabby’s Starlit Hope’s Facebook page.  I heard Roly speak about the experience on the More FM radio station when I drove to work on Tuesday morning and there were tears in my eyes.  Rory may not be able to hold down a paid job but he is active in the community making a positive contribution.  He has value.  We are lucky special people are able to see that and are willing to give him a chance.  On Thursday he brought home another cool wooden bin built with the assistance of the wonderful Peter.  Rory benefits from his days at the Skills for Living course.  This week the students cooked bacon and egg pie for lunch (Rory’s suggestion).  On Wednesday at Doggy Day Care the dogs love him and there is a competition to see who can get on his knee for cuddles and pats.  On Friday he went to the movies with Deanne and her son and then they enjoyed lunch together.  Today he has been with Support Carer Jo and they went for a walk at Pukekura Park where he tried a latte for the first time and checked out the local Pet Expo.  Sean, Colt and I snuck away to Otunahe QEII covenant at Purangi to walk in the bush and reset the traps used to protect Western brown kiwi.  We are lucky to still have these opportunities.