“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax”  Mark Black.

There is a long-standing joke between my best friend and I about how I am unable to relax.  Prior to weekends and holidays he regularly says to me “have a great time and on no account relax”.  I am a doer.  I always have been.  My parents are the same and interestingly so are Sean’s parents.  I find it difficult to sit still, to do nothing.  I need to be in action, in motion.  There must be a psychological term for it.  I believe life is for living and you only get one chance.  I want to fill it with as many experiences as possible.  Sean and the boys have their own opinions on my behaviour as I am the best and the worst person to go on holiday with! 

There has been plenty to fill our week at home.  Rory spends a large chunk of his days on the couch, venturing outside for fresh air and sunshine in the Hippocampe.  We are keeping him isolated from people.  He really enjoys the connection with the students and staff during the daily zoom call with Te Ahinatia, the learning centre at Inglewood High.  Over the past couple of days Rory has had quite a lot of bleeding from his nose so we are at the Children’s Ward this morning for a blood test.  Rory is neutropenic.  His platelets are 27 and I am waiting to hear whether he will need a transfusion.  Rory commented on the drive to New Plymouth that it feels like we have been home for a month and that as each day passes Starship fades away.  It is hard to put into words how therapeutic time at home is.  It was wonderful to turn over a page on the calendar this morning for the 1st of May.  We hope chemotherapy will be completed by the end of June.  It finally feels we are on the last leg of what has been a long and challenging journey.  I had a clinic appointment via telephone with Dr Yvonne on Tuesday.  Dr Yvonne is Rory’s primary Paediatrician at Taranaki Base Hospital and is an Endocrinologist (specialises in hormones).  We organised for some additional blood tests this week and for Rory’s next testosterone dose (given 3 monthly).  We also started to build the support structure for rehabilitation for Rory post-chemotherapy. 

As Colt is still home under Level 3, and Term 2 has started, I have made a concerted effort to ensure he has a learning opportunity every day.  The topics for the day float to the surface on their own; a study on yeast after we baked Cinnamon scrolls, digging up a mountain of potatoes as we prepared the vegetable gardens, trimming the flax and weaving fish with the leaves, building a platform for Rory’s new ramp with Poppa Honnor when he came over for lunch with Nana.  Each day we research, read, write and draw.  On top of everything else I have become teacher! 

Thank you to Uncle Matt and Auntie Vanessa for the eggs, sausages and mince.  It was lovely to see you.