Side effects

Rory after chemo cycle 1

Rory and Sam have always talked in their sleep. At times Rory has even appeared awake or wandered around the house. Last night there was fear and distress in his words. He has taken the last couple of weeks bravely and with little complaint. I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like for him or what is in his thoughts. This morning he was feeling the side effects of the chemo; fatigue, stomach cramps and nausea. He has had two surgical operations, a cycle of chemotherapy and woken multiple times every night to pee as they flush his system with fluid to wash out the medication. This chemo cycle was over at lunchtime. It was wonderful to liberate him to RM Grafton Mews after a lung function test. He has had lunch, a bath and an afternoon nap and I think he finally feels half human.

We received a visit from the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) Family Support worker this afternoon. She brought the box containing the Beads of Courage so Rory was able to start collecting what he has earned from this journey. He has over 1,100 from ten years ago. There are sibling beads for Colt to collect and an emergency bag for when we have to head to the hospital in a hurry. CCF has been a source of support to our family over the last ten years. The Taranaki branch has a special committee who give their time to help families in our region who have had a devastating child cancer diagnosis.

Colt has been busy every day; going for walks with Sean or I to explore our surroundings, attending the school holiday programme at RM house (art, baking, construction), building lego and reading Harry Potter.