Sleep deprivation

Rory and I’s personalities are not improved by the sleep deprivation.  Last night Rory received fluids at 430mls/hr so we were up with the bottle more frequently.  As the days pass we become fatigued, irritable and low.  It is difficult to concentrate for any length of time.  My head swims as I climb up and down the stairs to Starship level 7, I hold the rail like a grannie.  This morning we are on countdown, 3.5 hours until Rory is discharged to RM House.  Rory received the Doxorubicin and Cisplatin doses on Thursday and Friday.  There was a minor drama yesterday afternoon when one of the iv lines disconnected and toxic medication leaked onto the floor.  There was a two-hour delay while a new batch was sourced.  They do not reconnect iv lines which have come loose due to the risk of infection.  

Dr Stephen and Nurse Tracey came in yesterday afternoon.  Rory’s surgery has been pencilled in for 8th January, with a PET CT pencilled in for 6th January.  The details will be firmed up over the next week.  If we can’t get the PET CT on this date the surgery may be delayed by up to a week. 

Dr Stephen and Nurse Tracey were both wearing the name badges Rory gave them for Christmas.  Tracey’s is a rainbow with her name on it.  She is always dressed in bright colours and has pink hair.  Dr Stephen’s is a picture of a Doctor with grey hair and a blue shirt (his standard look) and it says Dr Stephen.  We noticed they didn’t have the cool name badges worn by some of the staff in the hospital.  The badges were made by  I will have to get Stephen and Tracey to take a selfie so I can put a photo on the website. 

Thank you to Shelley for the fresh fruit and vegetables and to Kirstin for the impressive birthday cake for Colt’s 9th birthday next week.  He was blown away.  It has created a worrying precedent for next year!