Slow living

We have been at home three days and the pace of life has slowed.  It needed to.  We have settled into a routine of daily walks or bike rides, baking, chores and home learning for Colt.  We are watching Rory closely for any sign of crisis, temperature or infection which would require IV medication and a stay at Taranaki Base Hospital.  Rory received the GCSF injection in his right thing at the Children’s Ward on Sunday morning.  Sean had to take him in.  I have had an intermittent sore throat for a week so for peace of mind (and to satisfy hospital requirements) I had a Covid19 swab done.  It was unpleasant but it was far better to be safe than sorry.  A change to Alert Level 3 tomorrow will only alter things a little for us.  We will likely extend our bubble to include Nana and Poppa Honnor so we can support each other.  Sam and Caitlyn (and Fern) will have to continue to stay away as they are in a bubble of seven.  Sean will be able to undertake field work for TRC while practising safe distancing.  Rory, Colt and I will largely remain in isolation.