It was a very slow afternoon on Monday.  Rory and I were bored and on edge waiting for the time to pass and then for the blood test results.  His methotrexate level at 3pm (120 hours) was 0.06 so Rory was discharged at 5.30pm.  Rory had started to unravel at the thought he may have to spend another night on the ward so struggled to comprehend Dr Andy’s approval to leave.  We gave Rory oral leucovorin at 9pm to protect his kidneys.

On Tuesday morning Sean took Rory across to Starship for a finger prick blood test and for the echocardiogram.  Nurse Tracey called and the blood test had to be repeated after lunch.  The platelets were low and the result may have been compromised as some of the blood had clotted.  Several of Rory’s samples have clotted recently.  The repeat blood test showed Rory’s platelets had dropped to 42 from 65 a week ago.  The platelets need to be 75 for the doxorubicin to be given so they are quite a way off.  We were surprised as it had not occurred to us the chemo would be delayed for this reason.  We took Rory out for a walk in the afternoon to Cox’s Bay and unbelievably the weather was showery, cool and windy.  This morning I am taking Rory to a clinic appointment with Dr Stephen.  We will discuss what has happened and plan how chemotherapy will proceed.