Starting High School

Colt Year 9 IHS 2024

It feels like we have skated very close to thin ice with Rory (and Sean’s) melanoma diagnosis.  I keep expecting the ice to crack and for our lives to fall into the freezing water.  Rory returned to the Dermatologist who surgically removed a one centimetre margin of skin around the original lesion.  Rory has a long horizontal scar on his back and reasonable number of internal and external stitches.  He was sore for the first couple of days afterward and we are keeping the wound dressed and covered with antibiotic cream.  I have booked his six month skin check which unfortunately needs to be done privately as the hospital system is overloaded.  Sean’s lesion results show his mole was abnormal but the type is inconclusive.  The sample has been sent for further testing.  Thankfully it was all removed.  It remains to be determined whether a wider margin needs to be removed.

Sean took Rory to Whanganui Hospital for a Videofluoroscopic swallowing study.  We are awaiting the results.  Initial assessment indicates the issue is the volume Rory is able to swallow, before it builds up in his throat causing blockage and coughing.  The Nurses were impressed with the amount of hardware under the skin in Rory’s face. 

Rory attended a Canteen Taranaki event at Bowlerama and has completed a session with Psychologist Daniel.  The mobility scooter trials continue.  A scooter seems like the best option for Rory to mobilise over distance and uneven ground in the community.  We just need to find a more rugged model which can handle the conditions we need him to use it in. 

The milestone moment in our family this fortnight was Colt staring Inglewood High School as a Year 9.  It is only the second school he has been to and his first time in uniform.  He has grown up faster than his brothers and was definitely ready.  It is fortunate he has a great group of friends to start the journey with.