Team of two

Leigh Rory Te Awhinatia 2

Rory and I are back on Ward 27b at Starship.  He was started on fluids during the night and will receive the Methotrexate later this morning.  I was impressed with how quickly and (relatively) painlessly Nurse Zoe accessed Rory’s port last night in the semi-dark.  We had a clinic appointment with Dr Stephen and Nurse Tracey yesterday morning.  The plan is to continue with the two Methotrexate doses, this week and next.  Stephen is hoping the opinion from America will be received next week.  He is going to speak to Surgeon Nick to see if there is a window of opportunity to operate before Christmas if the opinion is positive and the scan in a week or so shows what we need it to.  So much hangs on these two pieces of information. 

The trip to Auckland was uneventful.  It is so much less stressful travelling the day before, no panicking if there are issues with the flight or luggage.  It is a challenge managing Rory, the wheelchair and two bags by myself.  Somehow Rory convinced me we needed to add a Krispy Crème donut to the load.  We have settled back into Ronald McDonald House and in many ways it feels like we haven’t been home.

Thank you to Aliah and CCF for the delivery of groceries and Karla for the photo of Rory and I.